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Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy

Due to ever-increasing electricity and gas prices, industry and consumers have been continuously expressing interest in energy efficient technologies. Compared to fossil fuels with a share of around 86%, renewable energy meanwhile makes up 14% of electricity generation, with water (7.4%), wind (4.2%) and solar PV (2.0%) being the most significant alternative energy sources. At the end of 2014 Australian roofs were equipped with around 1.4 Mio. solar installations.

Apart from investments in renewable energy, a considerable number of incentive programmes for the industry have been established in order to increase energy and water efficiency for existing and future structures and business processes. The lightweight construction that is most prevalent in Australia shows deficits in isolation, hermetic doors and windows as well as energy- and water-saving building engineering.

By now 90% of Australia's population lives in the major cities.
Currently, 845 projects in Australia are marked with a Green Star Rating.
In 2015, IKEA has equipped its stores' roofs with more than 16,000 solar panels.
In 2015, more than 200,000 street lamps were fitted with energy efficient LED lamps, which equals a share of 9%.

Clean Energy Finance Corporation

In July 2013, the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) was integrated into the government programme. Since then the organisation supports around 90 projects in the fields of renewable energy and energy efficiency in Australia with grants of more than A$ 1.4 bn.
During the last couple of years Australia saw an increasing demand for modernising and expanding its infrastructure in different areas. The government hence adopted the Nation Building Program in 2009 and the Infrastructure Growth Package in 2014, multi-billion dollar investment programmes for the Australian infrastructure. The gap between supply and demand in residential and housing construction has been increasing over the last years, especially in the major cities across the Australian coast.