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The Australian mining supplier market

After 10 years of the Mining Boom in Australia the industry has reached ist consolidation phase. The current stage is characterised by achieving short- to intermediate-term targets, which revolve around process and  business optimisation, cost savings and increase in productivity. The fous of the mining industry is on efficiency for which German business and technology is renowned worldwide. In order to capitalise on these opportunities, the market entry should be planned thoroughly.

The mining industry is strongly periodical, meaning that the next mining boom will most probably set in over the next years. That is why now is the right time to plan the market entry into the Australian mining industry as supplier. Due to country- and market-specific circumstances the market entry strategy requires careful alignment and adjustment to the respective product or service. The industry-specific long-standing lead time of procurement processes require flexibility, planning and a proper long-term investment strategy.

The Australian mining supplier market generated a revenue of 90 bn AUD in 2014.
In 2015-16, the mining sector contributed 6,9% to Australia’s GDP, an equivalent of 114,9 bn AUD.
73% of the energy in 2014 was generated from coal (brown and black coal). In the most densely populated states New South Wales and Victoria, the proportion exceeded 85%.
The mining and resource sector is the largest industry represented at the Australian Securities Exchange with more than 700 listed companies. The set of companies includes industry giants, such as BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto, but also so-called Juniors, small companies focusing on exploration and small-scale mining.

Competence Centre for Mining & Resources

The Competence Centre for Mining & Resources was founded in February 2015. It was the fifth addition to the worldwide network of competence centres in the mining and resources sector that is supported by The Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. The Competence Centre is the first contact point and qualified provider of selected consulting services for German companies and institutions focusing on the Australian mining and resources industry (including oil and gas).
The service portfolio comprises strategic consulting for a market entry or expansion in Australia and investment plans. The Competence Centre is able to rely on an extensive network of specialists within the areas of law, finance, R&D and marketing, as well as support from political partners in both countries.
In order to foster the German and Asia-Pacific relations, the Competence Centre also created a regional network, the German Mining Network (Australasia) – Competence in Mining & Resources, which aims at providing a platform for German suppliers to make contact with international business partners. More information can be found on the website of the network.